I'm not dead
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Good for him though! Good for him.
Modding doc update:
New section on .mesh files, further explaining them. No real progress on converting them yet, but I have an idea on where to start documented in there.

However, because of how I had to extract the model data, I don't believe repacking them from this method of extraction is possible, so Ninjaripper would remain the best option for just getting the models, even if this works out.

That is, unless this leads to naturally t-posed models, but I can't know for sure yet.

i made a modding and file extraction tutorial for pathy classic hd! please let me know if you need any assistance with it. (contacts in about)

i considered putting it in a modding page here, but it's 15 pages long already, so it'd take a while...

i also plan on putting some of my own projects here sometime, when i get around to making them jhfghjfd

a sketch of artemy burakh from pathologic, asleep with his head on a pillow. there's a small bull toy next to him.
little artemy i doodled while baking cookies :)
menu icon of a loaf of bread from pathologic